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Aggressive Representation for Felony Charges

Being arrested for any crime can be terrifying but being accused of a felony puts a lot at stake, including your freedom. These offenses carry some of the most severe consequences, which is why hiring a Rolla felony defense attorney is imperative.

At Thomas, Birdsong, Mills, McBride & Osborne, P.C., our goal isn't to scare you by explaining the severity of your charges but to ensure you understand your rights and options. Serving clients throughout Waynesville, St. Robert, Fort Leonard Wood, Steelville, Salem, and Houston, MO, we are prepared to represent you aggressively in court.

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Types of Felonies & Consequences

Felonies are some of the most serious types of crimes in the eyes of the law. Depending on the circumstances of the alleged crime, a person convicted of a felony could face incarceration, fines, probation, restitution, community service, and other penalties. Additionally, you could lose certain civil rights such as the right to vote or own a gun.

Felony crimes and possible periods of incarceration fall into several categories, which are:

  • Class A felonies: Not less than 10 years and not to exceed 30 years or life imprisonment
  • Class B felonies: Not less than 6 years and not to exceed 15 years
  • Class C felonies: Not less than 3 years and not to exceed 10 years
  • Class D felonies: Not to exceed seven years
  • Class E felonies: Not to exceed four years

At our firm, we are capable of representing any type of felony charge, from resisting arrest, a Class D felony, to murder or first-degree robbery, Class A felonies.

Why You Need a Rolla Criminal Defense Lawyer

Regardless of the crime for which you have been charged, facing allegations can put your freedom and reputation on the line. Law enforcement officials are not concerned with protecting your best interests. It is important that you remain silent until a Rolla criminal defense attorney is present to protect your rights.

At Thomas, Birdsong, Mills, McBride & Osborne, P.C., you can rely on us to be in your corner every step of the way through your criminal case. Having a lawyer on your side can not only prevent self-incrimination but it also gives you the best chance of reaching the most positive outcome for your case.

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Client Testimonials

  • “I'm very thankful for your help in my case, I can't express that enough”

    Krista P.

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    Norman H.

  • “I was represented by David Mills in a civil litigation and was so impressed by his work ethic!”

    Bob D.

  • “David Osborne and the entire firm were so very friendly and helpful.”

    Chuck S.

  • “Scott was professional, yet approachable.”

    Eric M.

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